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Hospitality and entertainment industries can "go green" with new LED light bulbs designed to save more than 90 percent of electricity normally consumed by incandescent lights.

YARDLEY, PA (January 26, 2010) -- NxGen Technologies, Inc., has developed environmentally-friendly, replacement lamps for the S14 shaped incandescent light bulbs commonly found in decorative lighting applications. The lamps consume less than one watt of electricity compared to as much as the 11 - 15 watts normally consumed by incandescent bulbs of this type, while giving off the same amount of light.

"These bulbs have been designed to pay for themselves with energy savings in less than one year, depending upon local electricity rates," says David Allen, president of NxGen Technologies. "This is very important to users who do not want to spend more money in order for their businesses to ‘go green.’ And, the lamp has been designed to last up to 40,000 hours -- this amounts to an enormous energy savings over a very long period of time."

The S14s developed by NxGen Technologies come in all of the popular transparent and opaque (ceramic) colors and, according to the manufacturer, are indistinguishable from their incandescent counterparts. "The ceramic red, yellow, and white colors appear identical to the incandescent bulbs in a side-by-side comparison while the ceramic blue and green are clearly brighter and more vivid than the incandescent bulbs," adds Mr. Allen.

Common applications for the S14 include decorative lighting found in restaurants, bars, theater signage and marquees, shopping malls, casinos, shop windows, festivals, and amusement parks. "Amusement parks are a good example,' continues Mr. Allen. "An amusement park that uses 10,000 or more lights can save more than 100,000 watts of electricity per hour (10.4 watts per lamp per hour). Savings such as this really add up," Mr. Allen concludes.

Further information on the LED-S14 energy-saving lamp produced by NxGen Technologies can be obtained by calling 215-493-2673 or writing to NxGen Technologies, Inc., 1790 Yardley-Langhorne Rd., Suite 206, Yardley, PA 19067. Information about the lamp is also available on the worldwide web at

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LED-S14 lamps enable entertainment and hospitality industries to save more than 90 percent of electricity consumed by decorative lighting, and they will pay for themselves in less than one year.